Extending your Grapes for Sale listings

Extending your Grapes for Sale listings

There is a 30-day limit on your Grapes for Sale listings. 10 days before your listing is automatically unpublished, you will have received an email explaining that you need to extend your listing if you would like it to remain published for another 30 days. Here are general steps to extending your listing:

1. You must be first logged into your sonomawinegrape.org account

2. Once logged in, click on the link in the email you received to extend your listing.

3. Click on the Extend button:

4. You will see info about your listing and its expiration time. To confirm, click the 'extend' button:

If your listing is not 10 days from its expiration, you will not be able to extend it:

You will receive an email when extending is available for your listing.